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Volvero is a service designed to be the “Airbnb of vehicles”, aiming to improve the way people meet their mobility needs. By allowing owners to share their vehicles with drivers through a secure platform, we make a significant environmental and social impact, improving mobility and social inclusion. With the ability to leverage mobility across all angles, Volvero is projected to have strong potential for commercial growth.

Environmentally, there are currently several inefficiencies when it comes to mobility: urban areas are too congested, leading to high levels of pollution, while privately owned vehicles remain unused 96% of the time, limiting green spaces and open areas from the urban population. This, among other factors, makes car ownership an undesirable option. As shown through research conducted by the University of Bocconi, the implementation of our model reductes the circulation of vehicles in cities through an increase in usage per owner of any given vehicle. This way, we promote a rapid replacement of old vehicles with newer and less polluting ones. These factors, lead to a reduction in pollution and congestion, reducing the need for urban parking spaces, and thus converting them into more useful and productive facilities.

From a social point of view, people have few safe or economic alternatives to choose from. Public transport is often unreliable, inflexible, or absent, especially in remote areas. It can also be dangerous, which restricts people from getting around, especially women, and the young population. The alternative: taxi services, car rental and car dealerships are expensive and inflexible.

Volvero solves the above inefficiencies by allowing users to find the vehicle that best suits their needs while managing to guarantee maximum safety for users through a single insurance policy covering drivers and all types of vehicles.

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