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Very often, people perform 3D graphical objects optimization by hand. This approach requires a lot of time and it is prone to human errors.

As an alternative, you may find on the market software which already carry out 3D asset optimization. However, these products implement rough methods which may suffer from some limits. For instance, they usually crash when you upload objects characterized by a very large size or lose small features (for example, engravings, serial numbers) when dealing with highly detailed objects.

In addition, the time demanded by commercial software for 3D graphical objects optimization may be, on average, too much when interested in real-time applications. This is the case, for instance, of e-commerce applications, where long times may negatively affect the conversion rate.

ADAPTA studio offers an automatic tool for 3D asset optimization.

The reduced objects are delivered in few seconds (10X faster wrt market software) and do not suffer from human decision.The original 3D assets may be as large as you want (we have not detected yet limits in the object size); also the sharpest feature of your object will be preserved

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